Bhakti Yoga Rainforest Retreat with Jahnavi Harrison

Connect with the deep wisdom and practices of Bhakti yoga, processing changes and challenges to refresh and nourish ourselves, from the inside out. Featuring the voice of Jahnavi Harrison, movement with Kishor Chandra, and food by Plenitud Puerto Rico. Spend 7 nights in the serene beauty of Puerto Rico’s lush rainforest, with a scenic river and […]

Inner Wellness Experiences – Rebuilding Resilience to Stress

A mini-retreat experience focusing rebuilding resilience to stress. For all of Saturday and half of Sunday there will be focused workshops and practices. You can participate the whole weekend, one full day, or a half day. Individual and all-inclusive pricing options available, as well as community rates. Contact us at for more details. More […]

Yoga Teacher Training with Tanamá & Diego

A one-of-a-kind immersive experience of the study and practice of Yoga, surrounded by nature, in an oasis of peace. Our 200hr Yoga Alliance Registered Certificate course integrates a comprehensive experience of yoga study and practice with a self-care lifestyle experience inspired by yoga's sister science of Ayurveda. This is a 4 week residential course that […]

Yoga & Hiking Mountain Retreat

Celebrating the International Day of Yoga in the mountains of Puerto Rico with a special class with beautiful energy and yogis. Join us for yoga practices in the mornings and afternoons plus an arm balance and inversions workshop. If the weather permits we will also do a yoga class on one of the most beautiful […]

Reclaiming My Voice & Roots with Natalie Gutierrez & Lydiana Garcia

Helping women and femmes of color struggling to find their voice by releasing their emotional wounds and restoring connection with intuition, soul, and ancestral wisdom to journey life feeling more empowered and grounded in who they are. Hosted by Natalie Gutierrez, LMFT ( and Dra. Lydiana Garcia (

Nourish the Goddess with María Brito

This retreat is all about remembering your power as the magical woman that you are! You will connect with other like-minded women who are wanting to rekindle their own divine feminine energy. The work we do during this time together is truly transformational. You will be held, you will remember your worth and deeper still, […]

Diosa Retreat with Christine Gutierrez

"The Diosa Retreat™ is a goddess retreat for women ready to heal deep, come back HOME to themselves, and crown themselves in confidence. It’s a healing experience that goes beyond words. It is a time of sacred activation between women. It is a space in nature for you to heal and surrender. I am beyond proud of […]

Beatriz Bonin Awaken Shakti Day Retreat

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat Barrio Caonillas Abajo, Road 612, KM 0.3, Utuado, Puerto Rico

The Awaken Shakti DAY retreat is a space for women to gather, release the stagnancy in their bodies and heart, release shame, guilt, and doubts, release pain, disconnection, and the sense of feeling lost, a space of surrender and awakening to the wisdom of Shakti (divine feminine energy) so that clarity and joy can flow […]

BECOMING day retreat – a journey for women to uncover their deepest knowing

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat Barrio Caonillas Abajo, Road 612, KM 0.3, Utuado, Puerto Rico

It does not matter where you are in your journey, this one-day workshop is all about realigning you with the highest version of YOU. Think of it as a mini retreat for yourself do dive deep, get clear, and take determined action.  Maria has been called a fabulous creatress of healing experiences. She has a […]

Re-Parent Your Inner Child: ​A Retreat of Self-Awareness and Healing

This retreat will offer a safe space in which to reflect on your childhood, however supported or unsupported it may have been. It will guide you to be curious about how your adult life today is influenced, and sometimes sabotaged, by those experiences. It will introduce you to your inner child: the part of you […]

Rest Is…

Casa Grande Mountain Retreat Barrio Caonillas Abajo, Road 612, KM 0.3, Utuado, Puerto Rico

We know that that liberation of all of us will not happen until Black womxn are free.  The purpose of Rest Is… to embody the theories of today’s Black Feminists such as dr. yaba blay, Tricia Hersey, Sonya Renee Taylor and adrienne maree brown in stating that rest is not only resistance, but rest, for […]

WYLD Retreat with Lindsey & Kevin

JOIN US IN MOUNTAINS OF PUERTO RICO FOR AN “AWAKEN YOUR WYLD” RETREATWITH LINDSI STEVENS & KEVIN CARRINGTON! Disconnect for a 5 night, 6 day adventure in the pristine mountainous landscape of Utuado. You’ll have opportunities to participate in group WYLD & fitness classes, learn concepts to enhance your personal growth, and connect with others […]