Re-Parent Your Inner Child with Daniella Gould

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Re-Parent Your Inner Child with Daniella Gould

February 24, 2023 @ 7:00 pm - February 26, 2023 @ 9:00 pm

A Retreat for Self-Awareness & Healing

This retreat will offer a safe space in which to reflect on your childhood, however supported or unsupported it may have been. It will guide you to be curious about how your adult life today is influenced, and sometimes sabotaged, by those experiences. It will introduce you to your inner child: the part of you that was wounded during your childhood and that is reactive when it is triggered. It will offer you the skills both to recognize what was positive about your childhood, and to re-parent yourself in the ways that you wished you had been parented. When you listen to and soothe your inner child, when you connect to the child you once were, you can allow your thoughts and actions to come from an adult space of calm rather than from an inner child’s space of hurt and lashing out.

When we experience trauma (including what some might consider small, inconsequential traumas) and when we don’t process them effectively, we become more fragmented in ourselves. We create survival methods that protect ourselves from more harm, yet in the process, parts of us may get suppressed, compartmentalized, or taken advantage of. This retreat seeks to help you reunite your fragmented pieces so that you can embrace the whole you!

​Befriending your inner child and re-parenting it may sound strange, but it can help you navigate the world more smoothly, including all of your relationships, be it with your parents, family, friends, partner, children, or even with yourself. It can also support you to live life from a more balanced space, with more confidence, joy, self acceptance, and compassion.

Throughout this retreat, we will practice yoga – including movement, meditation, breathwork, and yoga philosophy, such as the concept of svadhyaya, or self study – to guide us through this journey.


Daniella Gould – Santosa Yoga & Health
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